Interpretive mode

standards compliance

Compliance to browser standards and avoiding warnings from the browser during loading requires native HTML syntax.

Full implementation

<!doctype html>
<style>body {display: none}</style>
<script src=""></script>


Implementation notes

The intepretive browser instruction is processed differently from other native elements.

The interpretive browser instruction does not appear in the output.

HTML spacing options are respected.

(e.g. the instruction may be condensed onto a single line)

HTML and CSS comments are respected for each line before the script is invoked.

Character set declaration

Preliminary testing indicates that the browser often makes a determination of character set before processing of the Triv document completes.

(A browser warning mentioning character set might appear in the browser's developer console)

Declaring the character set in the interpretive browser instruction is not yet implemented.

Just in case, the line: <meta charset="utf-8"> does not produce a Triv warning anywhere in the document, as a temporary feature.